Areas of Law

Residential Real Estate

Jamie Munro specializes in residential real estate transactions. Jamie would be pleased to speak with you about your legal needs and the process involved with a refinancing, such as placing a line of credit or a mortgage, and buying or selling your home. Please call him directly at (403) 299-9283 for cost estimates and more information.

Family Law

Separation and Divorce

Kate Wood practices exclusively now in the area of family law. Family law includes separation, divorce, spousal support, child custody, child support and distribution of matrimonial debts / property. Parties can usually resolve everything without Court applications, in Kate's experience, when both parties have first exchanged full financial information, had some professional legal advice and they are both committed to being reasonable. After parties have exchanged full financial information and reached an agreement with each other on all legal issues, a legally binding Separation Agreement is drafted and executed so their agreements with each other are clear and legally enforceable. Kate Wood advocates a low conflict resolution approach to settling cases such as direct negotiation between the parties, mediation, four-way meetings, lawyer assisted negotiation, Judicial Dispute Resolution and collaborative law divorce.

Collaborative Family Law

Kate Wood is an experienced, qualified collaborative family law lawyer. While finding collaboration very effective in appropriate cases, Kate also uses other less formal ways to settle cases. In collaborative law, the parties and lawyers formally commit to a process for resolving family law cases without court intervention. In collaboration a contract is signed by both parties and their lawyers agreeing to avoid court action, to provide complete disclosure of all financial and other relevant information, to use joint experts if needed (i.e. sometimes for property, pension and business appraisals or expert evaluations on children's custody/access issues) and to negotiate in good faith. Four way meetings are central to the process. To discuss collaborative law for your case, please call Kate Wood directly at (403) 299-9280.


Kate Wood has trained as a family law mediator as part of her ongoing family law education. Mediation can occur with only the parties present or sometimes with their lawyers present also to provide legal advice and support to the parties throughout the process. A mediator acts as a neutral facilitator. Mediators help people communicate more effectively with each other while using interest-based negotiation support techniques. Professional mediators insist parties get legal advice and appropriate disclosure from each other before they help them negotiate and reach agreements.

Judicial Dispute Resolution

Occassionally despite everyones' best efforts to achieve out of court settlement of all issues, parties find themselves "stuck". A Judicial Dispute Resolution appointment with a Judge will often resolve such cases. The outcome of such processes may be either non-binding or binding as the parties have agreed.